This is scary people what’s going on here > not quite sure what to write > I am busy nearing the end of my World War 11 story about a gang of kids in the War and how it all seemed so unreal to ANNA > but things start happening Anna sees a ‘white thing’ in the woods , and what’s happened to the Latham sister’s > Anna is afraid of the ‘THE DARK’ all DOGS, the ‘SOMETHING UNDER THE BED’ the HEADMASTER > Anna and her Gang have to find out in ‘the blackout ‘ I can relate to this having to hide in the air raid shelter during the War. Rations books, and Gas masks > wrote it a while ago when I was teaching but considered it’s something they now study on the Curriculum > Obviously I had to make some fictional characters to apply the ‘danger’…

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April Author Interview Answer #1

IBP’s Jas asked; April Author interview question # 1

International Book Promotion

Hello everyone! So, it is time to reveal the answers for our April author interview session. We interviewed Romance and Erotica authors last month. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all seven authors who took part in this author interview!

Here is the answer to the first question: Do you plan the characters in your story? Do you believe that strong characters should resemble real-life people?

1) Author #1 Anne Conley

Absolutely.  The one book I wrote freely, with no planning, was a disaster.  J  I feel like characters should resemble real life people that readers can relate to, so I write my own stories with that in mind, giving characters real problems.  Most of my characters are in their thirties and forties, with real jobs.  I’ve never really spent much time with CEOs or billionaires, so I don’t write about them.

2) Author #2: Marie Lavender

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Strong Female Characters and How Dull They can be


It seems to have become the obsession in recent years. This show has a strong female character! Did you read this book, the female character is so badass?! Love that movie, especially the strong female character.

Why is the glory of female characters to be strong and nothing else? When was the last time male characters were defined by strength alone? The 1980s I think. The time of machismo.

Yet look at John Rambo. The action hero. Yes, he’s a badass. He’s a manufactured beast-of-war by the US Army. But the whole point of the first movie is that he’s a broken man. Mentally and emotionally he is a wreck because of what he has been through, and living in a society that despises him. Even the last movie, which ends with a horrendous and bloody shootout, has John Rambo finally going home. He is an incomplete man.

Weak characters…

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Thirst For Life

Kameron Lombard

american_wine_in_china_bkt_4844 So I sit in wonder listening to sounds of the violin this morning, pondering the word thirst. Asking myself the question; “Where did the thirst go, and now that it is back what all will I drink?” Those whose lives are lived big have a huge thirst I’ve found. Almost like an unquenchable OCD toward experience. This is where life is for me. I am finding drinks I’ve left on the shelf for years of my life only drinking the bare minimum of what God has given to me.

This year so many goals have been met while in the misery of divorce. My therapist told me when I let her know of the divorce, yes I have one or 10. She said I had three weeks to reinvent my life and begin living in a space where no one is coddling me or checking up on me. To live it…

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Mom and “The Little Prince”

Some people collect coins and jewelry or firearms, but my mother collected books. She also collected Angels, but she filled a bedroom with a lifetime of books. My father built her shelves wall to wall and ceiling to floor for her books.

It took my parents two years to build their house and during that time my older brother passed away, he was eight and I was three. Since he died during the house’s construction his room was built and that room became the library. Mother died at 45 years-old when I was 24, but in her short time on earth she read thousands of books. When I was seven she bought me my first big-boy book, “The Little Prince”.

Mom gave me the book for Christmas in the middle of my second grade year. My comprehension was rookie-like and my focus and drive to digest text was weak. Thank goodness I eventually got better at reading to learn. “The Little Prince” opened plenty of doors for me and it even caused me to be a junior know-it-all. Thanks to Mom I enjoyed reading encyclopedias and other literature many of my peers did not. Of course all boys had some reading materials under the bathroom sink, I had volumes of “World Book, the 1970 edition. Looking back it is now easy for me to see I had some unique quirks and still do.

This book, “The Little Prince” is full of prose and profound perspective. The ever present narrator tells a marvelous, but winsome tale. He explains his own early years, shows the reader an interesting drawing of a gluttonous Boa Constrictor and then introduces “The Little Prince”.

The Little Prince with birds

The narrator, who is a marooned pilot in a far from civilization desert finds a little prince from a different planet (named B-612) and being the only two people for thousands of miles they easily become friends. Unfortunately, the prince misses his flower and yearns to go back home.

This flower is a female flower and is a brat, and that is why the prince left his very small home on his just as small planet. The flower tried to say she was sorry, but the prince was fed up and left even though deep down inside he knew he was cutting off his nose to spite his face.

The prince takes in quite a few different planets and learns that jerks are the common denominator of the Universe. For the prince, everyone he met were not bad, he learned a lot from a fox who was a good fox, and very smart. The pilot was one of the good strangers and was worthy to be a friend, but the prince has to go home anyways as the bratty flower beckoned the prince’s heart.

For some reason the prince could only get home if this poisonous snake bit him, he let the snake bite him and returned home. The pilot fixes his plane and goes home to spend six lonesome years bending anyone’s ear that would listen about the prince and what a great guy he was.

For six years the pilot waits for the Prince to come back, but he never does.

the prince and his flower

The Little Prince looks happy. When I was seven this book shaped my future, Mom was so smart.